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It would be a gross understatement to say that I have not yet mastered the navigation of the technical side of this bloggery.  So everyday I try to tweak my little blog,  make it more appealing and reader friendly etc etc and so if it isn’t as smoothly navigable as other super sleek blogs you’ll have to excuse me while I still find my feet 🌺

I started this blog because I have always written. Always. Diaries,  poems, lyrics, short stories, children’s poetry and stories  (my secret love and dream) and I’ve always been the family “writer”, if you can relate. You know how it goes: Maria can you help me with/do my CV, this letter, this application form this recommendation letter, proof read this – I could go on! And I LOVE that. I love that I was/ am the go to for all things writerly.

And so I thought,  surely I must channel this?  The publishing world is so different to when we were growing up and dreaming of being writers (am I right kids of the 80s & 90s?) and becoming a writer under someone else’s rules seems less appealing to me these days (although I wouldn’t say no if the opportunity came along…publishers…anyone…?) So now,  after creating My Little Blog all by my little self,  I feel like I can call myself a writer. I am not getting paid for this blogging lark yet, but if/when I eventually do that will be a fab bonus.

I have posts about different things,  all genuine, never conforming to a niche or a group or a type of person.  Just writing about what I like,  love, contemplate and analyse – always with eloquence, soul and with intelligence  (in my humble opinion.)

You’ll find a few select recipes (I  am not a foody or a food blogger by any stretch of the imagination!) thoughts, musings ( urgh, I am beginning to cringe at that word, I’m reading it waaaaaaay too often. But I”l probably moan about that in another post) a bit of advice, a bit of philosophical thought and a few things about my gorgeous, amazing little family.

Enjoy! And talk to me: I love responding to thoughful and genuine comments.

Thank you for popping in.

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