A little bit about me…

Thank you so much for visiting. I’m Maria – The Super Wife and Mummy – a title I lovingly bestowed upon myself, as I fully deserve it and no one else was going to do it.

This blog, apart from fulfilling my visceral compulsion to write, is my rants and musings about life and anything else that pops into my head and you’ll discover that I am very entertaining, insightful, delightful and above all- modest.

I am a singer, a poet and a lyricist – and after my beautiful little family, those are my loves and passions.

I live in a gorgeous part of London, with my beautiful little family and I love Life, Family and Good Food – um – obviously!

I also know a few things about cooking, so I’ll periodically post really easy to follow recipes.

Be a nice person, for goodness sake.

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