Children’s Poetry #6

Ooh, it’s a special one, this. 

It sat unfinished for 12 years. 

I just finished it now.

                       A Twist of Fate

Part 1

A little girl called Emilayne 
Walked speedily down Furley Lane. 

She wore a scarf around her head, 

‘Wrap up warm,’ her Grandma said. 


She walked with haste and strong intent 

And wondered just what Grandma meant 

Last night when they were sipping tea, 

She’d said to her, mysteriously, 


‘Now listen here,’ (she was so wise) 

‘I see a yearning in your eyes, 

A search for truth and things untold, 

To know just what the future holds.’ 


‘If you wish to learn of things, 

Of secrets that the night lark sings, 

Then on the morrow hastily, 

You’ll seek out ancient Madame Zee.’ 


‘Just outside town you’ll find her place, 

She wears a veil across her face, 

An emerald ring on her right hand, 

A voice as ancient as the sand.’


‘The answers that you seek you’ll find 

But heed these words, keep them in mind; 

Sometimes it’s better not to know, 

That which Fate chooses not to show.’ 


So as she reached the edge of town, 

She stopped to ponder, face – a – frown, 

Her next two steps would take her there- 

To Madame Zee’s dark and ominous lair. 

Part 2

Slowly she approached the door 

And knocked one, two, three times and four 

The door creaked open- there was she, 

The famed, infamous Madame Zee. 

“Sit here, child, and listen well, 

Your future rings clear as a bell. 

To another world you’ll go… 

So different from the one you know.” 

Her voice was ancient, deep and wise. 

A twinkle sparkled in her eyes. 

Emilayne sat still as stone, 

Transfixed and chilled right to the bone. 

Madame Zee took Emi’s hand 

And said, “I pray you understand, 

Your fate is far away from here, 

Another realm awaits, my dear.” 

Emilayne was terrified, 

“I have to leave at once!” she cried 

Strange feelings coursing through her veins… 

She felt like she had lost the reins… 

Out the door she fled, she flew, 

And Madame Zee cried, “It’s all true! 

I never lie! Oh, you just wait! 

Through a portal lies your Fate!” 

But Emilayne was far away, 

She blocked out what Zee had to say… 

Through the forest dark she fled,  

A storm of thoughts raged in her head… 

She stopped to breathe,  to think, to pause. 

Could she escape Fate’s grasping claws? 

When up ahead she saw a tree… 

So strange it was…how could this be? 

Emilayne approached with care, 

And stood aghast, with spellbound stare 

An opening with blinding light 

Exuded from the tree this night… 

Emilayne was mesmerised… 

As she drew near, she closed her eyes… 

Reaching forward, cautiously 

She placed her hand into the tree… 

All at once the world spun round, 

Seconds later- THUMP -the ground. 

Where was she? Why was she here? 

Cold, confused and filled with fear… 

Through a portal she had travelled, 

Worlds had merged and time- unravelled. 

Madame Zee had spoken right, 

Her Fate she’d met on this strange night…


A room, a desk , a strange machine, 

Nothing like she’d ever seen… 

At the desk she slowly sat, 

Thinking, “What on earth that?” 

Without thinking she began, 

To type,  and soon her fingers ran! 

Tip tap tip on that machine – 

Soon words appeared where white had been! 

She stopped and stared down at her words… 

Flown they had,  like wingèd birds… 

The first line stated, clear and plain, 

“A Little Girl called Emilayne… 

Walked speedily down Furley Lane…” 

© 2017 Maria L



27 thoughts on “Children’s Poetry #6

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  1. Oooh, I loved this one!!! ❤️😁 The imagery was great and every time I saw a line I adored and thought “I’ll tell her about this one!” another popped up. I think my fave part is the beginning and ending; very well crafted! 😌

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Emilayne is such a girl. The scenery, the imagery, the sequence, the finale. 12 years and counting, another classic comes forth. Beautifully written Maria. Simply beautiful.😄😄👍👍

    Liked by 1 person

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