Children’s Poetry #5

I will just say two things.

1. This is long so if you’re busy I’d pop in later 

2. If you’re hungry or craving something sweet , you definitely shouldn’t read on.

                   Little Penny Pendleton 

Little Penny Pendleton

Was walking to the shops,

Her mission was unstoppable:

To buy some lollipops.


Her favourite was strawberry,

That’s what she liked the best,

And as she walked she thought of tastes,

Her mind just wouldn’t rest!


She imagined she was walking

On pink candy floss laced streets,

The post box and the street lamps

Everything was made of sweets!


There were apple flavoured window panes,

All filled with chocolate cream,

And as she stepped inside a shop

It all looked like dream…


Right before her eyes she saw

An unbelievable sight…

An enormous, giant, chocolate cake…

She’d have to have a bite!


It was taller than an apple tree

And wider than a lake,

(Mysterious how it fitted in the shop,

This giant cake…)


It had layers of apple crumble,

Custard tart and crème brulee.

Toffee fudge filled cookies

That would take your breath away 


Her gaze was moving upwards,

Past the layer of cookie dough,

She was gob smacked at the sight of sticky pudding,

One whole row!


Layers and layers of gum drops,

Yellow, red, and orange too-

But as she looked toward the top,

She knew just what to do…


Sitting there majestically,

Surrounded by lemon drops,

On top of this ginormous cake 



She knew she had to have it,

It was like a dream come true,

She began to climb towards it,

Her shoes filled with chocolate goo!


On her way she went,

Climbing through this yummy mass…

When suddenly  a voice said, 

‘What you up to there young lass?’



She turned around to see

Who’d spoken to her in this drawl,

She held on fast to several chocolate drops,

                So as not to fall!  


Penny saw a small young man,

He could have been an elf,

He was dressed in pink and purple,

And was perched upon a shelf…


‘I’m climbing to the top,’ she said

Of this huge, chocolate mound

I want to reach that lollipop

So please don’t make a sound,


I really need to concentrate

And can’t be sitting here,

Chatting to the likes of you

So please just disappear!’


She persisted with her climbing,

Squashing fudge cakes on her way,

Her feet kept sinking into custard puffs,

To her dismay!


‘Ahem, ahem,’ the small elf said

‘Is that a good idea?

What if on your way, you sink right into it

My dear?’


‘Or what if, when you reach your goal,

And you’re right at the top

You cannot even carry

That big strawberry lollipop?!



‘Now listen here, Mr. Elf,

That lollipop is mine!

I WILL climb up and get it

And you’ll see, I’ll do just fine!’


So stubbornly, up, up she went,

But just as he had said,

Her little feet were sinking

Just like they were made of lead!


But finally she reached the top,

She’d climbed with all her might,

She was blinded by this giant strawberry goodness,

What a sight!


She tried to lift the lollipop

But it just wouldn’t budge…

And she realised she was sinking

Through the caramel chocolate fudge!


She tried to grab a hold of

That big lollipop but she

Just couldn’t seem to get a grip,

It was too big, you see!


And through the chocolate cake she sank,

She couldn’t see a thing,

Just lots of chocolate darkness

That was quickly closing in!


‘I told you that you’d sink right in,’

Said Elf boy, with a sneer…

‘The lollipop you’ll never get,

I told you so my dear!’


‘I’d say you were too greedy,

And too stubborn for your own good,

Now look at you, you’ve sunk right in,

And I knew that you would!’


He giggled and he laughed

And he chuckled with such glee …

As Penny sat inside the cake,

And thought, ‘Oh woe is me!’


But just as she began to think,

Her end she soon would meet…

She suddenly woke up to find

Herself back on her street…


‘Oh me, oh my, oh what a dream,

I though it’d never stop!

I never, ever want to see

Another lollipop!’


© 2017 Maria L


26 thoughts on “Children’s Poetry #5

Add yours

  1. Words are not enough. It’s like you are the Enid Blyton of poems. This made me nostalgic for all the Enid Blyton elf and fairy stories I read in my childhood. I soaked this up like a sponge cake. Congratulations on a simply super poem.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s an amazing thing to say , Karen. Thank you so much. I feel all warm and fuzzy now! 😊I’m so pleased you liked it and what a comparison that I clearly don’t deserve but thank you so so so much,regardless!


  2. Delightfully delicious poem, Super! Reading it brought back wonderful memories of the colorful fates the greedy children suffered in the old Gene Wilder “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” movie version of Roald Dahl’s classic book.

    What a wonderful break from my midday courtroom doldrums. Thank you!

    Take care, be well, and happy poetry-ing,


    Liked by 2 people

  3. I had some time, I love all the sweets you described, and I’m glad I stayed. It was fantastic! It held my interest all the way to the end. Now, excuse me. I need to go to the store. For some reason, I’m having an urge for a king-size bar of Chocolate.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. What a heavenly read, a children’s delight(and mine too), a delightful story, and there’s some little ones in my life that I’ll read this delicious epic poem to. Thanks Maria. you’ve sweetened my day…

    Liked by 1 person

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