Animi Carcerem 

The Writer sat inside his brain,

Cramped and slowly going insane.

He nudged ideas out the way,

“That isn’t what I want to say! 

Alliteration, metaphors-

stop teasing me, you verbose wh***s!”

Inspiration wasn’t there,  

No ‘bye’ , no  ‘see ya,’ so unfair.

The space inside his head grew smaller,

and his stories grew no taller.

Dissonance rang loud and sure, 

“Why does my brain not have a door!”

If he surrenders to defeat, 

The gods of Writer’s Block he’ll meet.

And alcohol he might abuse,

if only he just had a muse. 

And still he sits there to this day, 

Cranially trapped this way, 

The Left side overtaking Right,

And no one here to hear his plight. 

I’m sure his words will come one day, 

or in his animo he’ll stay.
(Animi Carcerem – “Mind Prison.”)


Maria L


51 thoughts on “Animi Carcerem 

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  1. I adore your ability to rhyme!!! 😄 Also, the part about the muse made me realise I have a piece I’m sharing this weekend about my own muse…well, sorta. It’s based heavily on my own! Thanks for sharing!! ❤️

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  2. You are toying with us, super, like a cat with a mouse, yet it is so enjoyable. And playing with the reader is what all good storytelling is about. Or so the text books say. Now, do I need to substitute, in one foul swoop, he for she, in said above fictional poetry, or do I see, something that needs me to off an apollo-gee. . Obviously I am not good at rhyming or toying/playing. Sorreeee! 😎

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  3. Ah.. sometimes when our muse is exhausted .. we need to sit back and relax.. perhaps a change of scenery.. a cup of coffee.. catch up with friends.. go shopping even… and it should be just fine!❤️ Beautifully penned.

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  4. I’ve been in that “mind prison” many a time for various reasons…usually I just go with the flow with little angst about it but I love how you so creatively, and humorously describe what can often be very frustrating when we need to get something written but it just won’t come.

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    1. Thank you so much. When I wrote this, firstly , I wasn’t being particularly autobiographical- it just popped into my head and ironically, I suppose, flowed out. Secondly, I never imagined I would get any responses such as I have from other bloggers who actually related to my silly words! This has surprised me the most , and I’m so happy that it’s being read and appreciated in this way. It goes to show that you never know how your writing will be received and/or how it will resonate. I’m very pleased. Thank you so much for reading X


    1. Wow- yes . What an ingenious way to put it! That has made my day 😊
      You’re the only one who’s picked up on the irony-I keep telling everyone it’s not autobiographical, in fact IRONICALLY it just popped in to my head and landed on the page!
      Thank you for this comment. Love it. 😊


  5. A wonderful poem. So much creativity, so much energy and beauty. You seem to have found your Muse, brilliant, congratulations!
    Oddly directed to the other side. To the side, which is seemingly motionless and desperate. Yin and yang. Yes, the space in his head grew smaller, but he grew, that is for me an improvement. Perhaps one must sometimes be smaller so that the story grows again.
    Sure, the words will come back. The being does not change, the left will be placed behind the right again. Sometimes one is sunk in a world so rich in inspiration that one drifts around drunk. You have to be prepared and react to everything new before you can act.

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