I have always perceived things somewhat differently to other people. It is not something external- I don't physically see things differently,  but internally, my recollections, my analyses, my collating of data regarding people or memories or objects are to me,  incontrovertibly tangible-in my head.  I have never quite been able to describe this to others... Continue Reading →

The Versatile Blogger Award

The lovely and thoughtful Intellectual Sage nominated me for this award, what seems like a lifetime ago, and I want to give her a huge, heartfelt thank you for thinking of me and my little bloggy for this award. Please do pop in and have a read of her uplifting blog and connect with her,... Continue Reading →

Children’s Poetry #1

I've mentioned to a few fellow bloggers that I have a small collection of children's poetry that I hold very dear to my  heart. I do have a little dream of it being published and beautifully illustrated and I've had that dream for...ooh...about 14 years now. Surprisingly, while the poems have been sitting quietly in... Continue Reading →

Go on, make fun of me.

Hello lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely people.  I am having a few little technical problems with my laptop, as in, it isn't working.  So the frequency of short, little poems is partly because they are just jumping like acrobats into my head and yelling at me to let them out, and partly because they are easy... Continue Reading →

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