I’m new to this blogging thing…

Well, we've all said this at some point, haven't we? I think I said it last week and the week before that, prologuing every comment I make with that phrase as though it's going to somehow change the other person's perspective on what they're about to read and excuse my newbie -ness. I've  read blogs... Continue Reading →

As a woman (urgh, cringy opener) when you are a teenager, going into your twenties, it seems that this idea of feminism is at the forefront of your thinking. This ideology that has been perpetrated through TV shows, films, magazines,books, your teachers, and any other means in which it can be rammed down your throat. […]

The ‘D’ word…

It's DIET, in case you thought I meant something else. Well, it is a four letter for me because I can honestly tell you,  in my 37 years of life, I have never had to diet. And now, a year and a half after my emergency C-section, I've finally realised that I cannot stand to... Continue Reading →

It is the perpetually flowing rivers, from the centre of our existence, that cause every single event, every word you speak or hear , every choice or decision you make and every sentence you read, person you meet to Change. Your. Life. I can reel off a list of events,words and experiences that have changed... Continue Reading →

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